Second Buy In Ashland County Cash Mob Event Set

Second Buy In Ashland County Cash Mob Event Set

  • 7/12/2017 11:48:28 AM
  • Larry Stine
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ASHLAND, OH - The second Buy In Ashland County Cash Mob Event will be held Thursday, July, 20, from 4-6 p.n., at Truly Yours Fashion at 105B W. Main Street in Ashland.

The first Event of the year held at Enjoy! Gourmet Gifts & Specialties was a success drawing in new clientele and getting a spotlight on local television station WMFD.

Six Ashland area organizations are joining forces to create a buy local initiative called Buy In Ashland County. (Buy In or Buy Local).

Ashland Area Economic Development, Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, Ashland Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ashland Main Street, Loudonville-Mohican Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Development Center are partnering to promote the benefits of buying local.

The benefits of buying local include:

Tax Base: Buying local puts more of your dollars back into the community. Sales tax stays local and jobs stay local.

Diversity: Independent businesses often sell products that are locally made rather than mass produced. Local stores cater to the needs of their customers, so you should be able to find just what you want in a small local business.

Local Jobs: Local businesses generally do business with other local businesses. When you shop at a local retailer, you also are supporting local attorneys, accountants, plumbers or contractors.

Buying local helps to stimulate the economy so the small businesses can hire local help. If we do all our shopping online, we create more jobs in distribution centers across the country and the world, but we don't see the benefit in the local community. The sense of Community: Independent businesses help to provide a community with a unique character.

When someone asks "What is the best place to eat in town?", we will almost always refer a local, independent restaurant. Local business owners have invested their livelihoods into their communities. When you shop local, you aren't sending your dollars across the country, you are helping support your neighbors and friends.

Buy In Ashland County is partnering with businesses throughout Ashland County to promote buying local. There are multiple ways to get involved. Each month, Buy In Ashland County will play host to a randomly chosen cash mobs. Each location's owner will choose the next location by pulling a name from a hat. 

A cash mob is an organized group of people who show up at a designated time and shop. The idea comes from a flash mob, but rather than singing and dancing, we spend.

If you would like to be a participating business, email Emerald Stackhouse at [email protected]

If you would like to be a cash mobster, join the Cash Mob group on the Buy In Ashland County.

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